Finding Your Writer’s Voice


Does your inner critic sometimes shake a finger at you and say, “Your writing’s lame”? Does your inner child then cry, “You’re right, I’m hopeless”? If so, does this conversation cause you to despair about ever finding your unique writing voice?

If you’re like me, such negative self-talk can stop you from forging forward, both in life and in writing. Since small kid days, as they say in Hawaii, I’ve been falling down and rolling up in yoyo fashion; fear freezing my voice on the down cycle, hope thawing it out as Life rolls me back up and whispers that the universe is actually conspiring in my behalf.

What finally melted my ice for good was a cruel crime that threw me into a life-and-death struggle between evil and conscience. Feeling the fear and telling the truth anyway propelled my feet forward along a path toward self-awareness. Writing about what happened, writing some more, editing, trying different forms, and writing and editing even more, gradually honed my writing skills. After a gestation period of 29 years, my unique voice finally emerged in the inspired-by-a-true-story book, Angel Hero. cover-150

I know, I know. Like the TV cowboy Paladin, sometimes I am slow, awfully slow. Like the tortoise, however, I might just beat the hare, because the race toward growth as a writer is won step by slow step. I hope both of us win our writer’s race and that we can jog along together. I think the important habit to cultivate is consistency; writing a little bit nearly every day. At least, that’s what worked for me. What works for you?

I’ll be posting regularly because discovering my truth while scripting my thoughts on the page has become so addictively insightful I cannot stop. I’ll share tips about what helped me stay on the beaten writing path, musings on love in the afterlife, and adventures in this life (the first one to follow in my next blog post.)

This blog is dedicated to you, my readers, and to my writers groups, family, friends, and other authors, in gratitude. To the many people who have helped me arrive at this point in my life, you remain in my heart and prayers. I would not be stepping into this phase of my life the same way without your influence. Years ago, I watched Hillary Clinton on TV, saying it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes the whole world to inform a writer.

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